Estudillo Courtyard

Estudillo Courtyard
Estudillo Courtyard, originally uploaded by Kelson.

At a historical adobe home, Casa de Estudillo, in Old Town San Diego. Taken six years ago during a trip to Comic-Con International.


Gnarled Tree

Gnarled Tree
Gnarled Tree, originally uploaded by Kelson.

Somewhere in Cuyamaca State Park (now Cuyamaca Rancho State Park) in the mountains east of San Diego, California. We camped at Paso Picacho, but I don’t remember whether this was near the campsite or spotted during a hike.

This was taken in April 2002, about a year and a half before a devastating fire destroyed large areas of the park.

(It was also about a year before I got my first digital camera, so this image was scanned from a print.)

Marriott Towers and Pool

Towers, Pool and Fountain

The Marriott Hotel in Downtown San Diego, right next to the convention center.

Hotel reservations for Comic-Con International go on sale at 9:00 Pacific time tomorrow morning. For the last several years, demand for hotel rooms has been so high that hours spent redialing a phone or trying to get into the website have been typical. The travel agents have set up an entirely new procedure to counteract it. I’ve posted some thoughts on the change over at K-Squared Ramblings.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow how well it works.

Update: Better than I expected, at least for the first part. Here are my thoughts on how the process worked.

Update 2: The request may have gone smoothly, but the rest of the day turned out to be an exercise in frustration.

Update 3: I’ve posted some tips on how to get a hotel for Comic-Con if you couldn’t get one through the convention.

More Bars in More Places

More Bars in More Places

San Diego, looking down Pacific Highway toward Harbor from the Holiday Inn on the Bay. The tall blocky building at the end, with the peaked roofs, is the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The shorter one is the Embassy Suites. I believe the taller buildings are all high-rise condos.

This was taken last year during Comic-Con International. It seems appropriate that I’ve worked up to this point in my photoblogging project, since hotel rooms for this year’s con go on sale Thursday at 9:00.

Update: I’ve posted some tips on how to get a hotel for Comic-Con.