Fountain by Night

Night fountain
Nighttime fountain in Pasadena, on the upper terrace at Paseo Colorado. This was taken during Planetfest last summer, a celebration of space exploration timed with the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity.


River of Stars

Walking on a River of Stars

Night at the new pedestrian area at the Anaheim Convention Center, taken during WonderCon this past weekend. This walkway replaces a street that used to run between two hotels, and is anchored by fountains at either end. It turned out to be a perfect place for con-goers to gather socially during the day, and for cosplayers to hold photoshoots.

More photos on Flickr including exhibits, people in costumes, and sightseeing.

Nighttime Glass Curves

Nighttime Convention Center View

A view of the Anaheim Convention Center during last year’s WonderCon, a flip side to this daytime view. Normally the convention is held in San Francisco, but remodeling at the Moscone Center last year and scheduling problems this year led them to move to Anaheim. You can read about my experience at the con last year.

This year’s convention is coming up this weekend, and tickets are still available as I write this. I’ll be posting photos and commentary at K-Squared Ramblings as usual.

San Diego at Night

San Diego at Night (with boat trail)

Downtown San Diego’s nighttime skyline, seen from Harbor Island across the bay to the west. You can see the light trails from a couple of boats. The yellowish sky is the reflection of street lights on low-lying clouds. I have a wider shot that shows how much darker the sky is away from the city.

This was taken during last year’s Comic-Con. I figured I’d post it this week because the first round of hotel rooms go on sale this Wednesday. These are non-refundable, outside of downtown, and in some cases specific packages with minimum stays, but if you already have tickets and want to avoid the “Hoteloween” rush when the rest of the rooms go on sale, it might be worth taking a look.

Either way, you might be interested in my collection of Tips for Comic-Con.

Nighttime Fair From Above

OC Fair from Above at Night
OC Fair from Above at Night, originally uploaded by Kelson.

Looking down at the carnival area of the 2009 Orange County Fair from the top of the Ferris wheel. This was the end of a busy afternoon and evening at the fair that encompassed “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 3-D brain, a concert, and the horrifying realization that at the fair, people will fry anything. Is the world ready for the Zucchini Weenie?

Crystal Court Twilight

Crystal Court Twilight

Here’s a flashback to another Friday the 13th, three years ago. That evening, my wife and I went to the nearest Borders to pick up The End of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and Neil Gaiman’s new short story collection, Fragile Things. We ended up crossing the bridge over to the main section of the mall, turned around, and saw an amazing twilight display with clouds silhouetted against the blue.

We stopped to take pictures. We weren’t the only ones.

Perhaps an hour later, the rainstorm arrived.