Unexpected (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Tales of the Unexpected

I spent Saturday at a comic book convention, so naturally the first thing that came to mind when I read that this week’s theme was unexpected was this: the old comic book series, Tales of the Unexpected. I had to look through a few back issue bins, but found a few issues.

Long Beach Comic and Horror Con is, despite the name, one of the most comic-focused conventions I’ve been to. Mostly I looked for books, watched displays and people in costumes, listened to discussions by writers and voice actors, and talked with a few artists. Plus in the middle of the day, after lunch, I wandered around the Rainbow Lagoon park adjacent to the convention center. You can read up on the event, or look at more of my photos from the con, featuring costumes, pop culture cars and sightseeing.


Sunlit Fountain

Sunlit Fountain

The fountain in front of the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, taken late in the afternoon last October during a day at Long Beach Comic-Con.


Heron in Flight

Heron in Flight

I took a zillion photos of this bird as it stood around, and then tried to track it as it took off. Amazingly, I managed to capture this image.

This was at the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach during Long Beach Comic Con last fall. LBCC was one of two successors to the canceled Wizard World Los Angeles convention, last held in 2008. The other was Wizard World’s Anaheim Comic Con, held for the first time last week. You can read my writeup of Long Beach 2009 and my report on Anaheim 2010 at K-Squared Ramblings, and see my convention photos at Flickr.


Rainbow Lagoon & Wyland Mural

Rainbow Lagoon & Wyland Mural

An artificial lagoon on the seaward side of the Long Beach Convention Center. I was there this past Saturday for the first Long Beach Comic Con and did some sightseeing.

I’ve got more photos, both of the convention and sightseeing, and a write-up of the con.