Solar Eclipse Through the Eyepiece

Eclipse Scope Eyepiece

A look through the eyepiece of a filtered telescope at the May 2012 solar eclipse.

There were at least two groups at the park with telescopes, and one of them was letting anyone look at the eclipse through it. The lens on my regular camera was too long to line up with the focus of the eyepiece, but my phone was just about perfect.

I came back several times, including this one about five minutes after the peak of the eclipse. I actually took two photos, one a bit clearer, but this looked more interesting.

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Eclipse Ring

Eclipse Ring

A scanned photo of a lunar eclipse found in an envelope marked June 1994. Most likely the May 25, 1994 eclipse.

I’m not sure, but I think the bright splotch near the bottom is actually the moon, and the clear image of the moon up near the top is a reflection inside the camera. I have no idea whether the ring is an atmospheric phenomenon that got picked up on the film (can the moon produce a parhelic circle? Or parlunic, I guess?), or another lens artifact.

Photo: Eclipse Ring on Flickr.