On the Grid

Window Grid

On Friday afternoons I like to take a walk around the area when on break from work. This week I went looking for grids. I noticed very quickly that grids are everywhere in a modern city.

Window grids on glass-faced buildings. Paving and floor tiles. Wall tiles in the bathroom. Ceiling tiles in the office or retail stores. Storm drain grates. The patterns of bumps on the non-slip section of a wheelchair ramp.  If you zoom out, there’s the pattern of streets, all the electrical and data cables making their way around town…

…and of course the metaphorical grid that all of us are plugged into, that some of us long to get off of.


More Bars in More Places

More Bars in More Places

San Diego, looking down Pacific Highway toward Harbor from the Holiday Inn on the Bay. The tall blocky building at the end, with the peaked roofs, is the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The shorter one is the Embassy Suites. I believe the taller buildings are all high-rise condos.

This was taken last year during Comic-Con International. It seems appropriate that I’ve worked up to this point in my photoblogging project, since hotel rooms for this year’s con go on sale Thursday at 9:00.

Update: I’ve posted some tips on how to get a hotel for Comic-Con.