The Sign Says: Don’t Even Think About It!

Don't Even Think About It!

I couldn’t decide between these two photos for the latest photo challenge. The first is a warning sign at the edge of Del Cerro Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. It’s a part up at the top of the hill, ending in if not exactly cliffs, a steep drop hundreds of feet down as the hills roll toward the ocean.

“Danger” signs are a dime a dozen. It’s the “Don’t even think about it!” that struck me as photo-worthy.

As for this second one, it’s not so much the sign that I found interesting as the fact that the bird looks like it’s staring at it, dismayed.

“Gee, I hope this doesn’t apply to seagulls, too!”

No Fishing Allowed

I collect pictures of funny/odd/interesting signs at K-Squared Ramblings, so if you’re interested in more, head over there for a look.


Heron in Flight

Heron in Flight

I took a zillion photos of this bird as it stood around, and then tried to track it as it took off. Amazingly, I managed to capture this image.

This was at the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach during Long Beach Comic Con last fall. LBCC was one of two successors to the canceled Wizard World Los Angeles convention, last held in 2008. The other was Wizard World’s Anaheim Comic Con, held for the first time last week. You can read my writeup of Long Beach 2009 and my report on Anaheim 2010 at K-Squared Ramblings, and see my convention photos at Flickr.