Carpet of Yellow Flowers

Blanket of yellow flowers

There are a lot of jacaranda trees near where I work, lining the walkways through the business and hotel parks and lining the sidewalks along the street. There are also a lot of these trees, which look so similar that I assumed they were more jacarandas until the first spring I was here, when they bloomed bright yellow instead of light purple. From what I can tell, they’re Tipuana trees, also known as Pride of Bolivia trees, and despite the similarities, they aren’t closely related.

The flowers act the same, though, dropping in thick blankets as spring turns to summer.

This particular tree, sadly, is no longer there. It was ripped out this fall, as part of a massive landscaping project to convert one of the office buildings into a hotel.

8 thoughts on “Carpet of Yellow Flowers

  1. That is very striking, and the angle from the ground is very different, making the shot that much more interesting, being level with the landscape. The yellow, oranges- ochres – are delicious.
    Very nice. Randy

  2. And now I know what’s going in to replace the tree: a new elevator for the parking structure. This is a good thing, because the elevators that are there right now only go down to the second floor. Next to two (soon to be three) hotels and an airport shuttle. I really have to wonder what the thinking was on that.

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