USS Epinephrine

USS Epinephrine

I have food allergies that require me to carry an Epi-Pen in case of accidental ingestion (which happened to me during Comic-Con this year), and I also carry an asthma inhaler. I got the idea in my head that the Epi-Pen two-pack looked like a pair of warp nacelles, and the inhaler made for a good engineering section, and went looking around for a thematic saucer section…until I hit on the idea of just using a saucer.

I put the image together last fall, and added a shortcut URL to a fundraising walk I participate in each year: the FARE Walk for Food Allergy. This year’s walk in Los Angeles is coming up next weekend. Donations go toward food allergy research, education, and advocacy.

Food allergies aren’t just preferences, and they aren’t like hay fever. They’re a severe, sometimes life-threatening condition that affects millions of people. Please consider making a donation to the cause.

3 thoughts on “USS Epinephrine

  1. I recently went through a series of vigorous allergy tests (still am) and came to find out that I am allergic to a LOT more than I thought. Soy, Diary, Almonds, Peanuts, Garlic, and the list goes on. Once I found this out, I was able to relate a lot of symptoms I was having directly to certain foods; before thinking that I was just always sick. I will definitely look into the FARE Walk for Food Allergy walk and hopefully make a trip to attend 🙂

    • That’s rough, but it’s good to know what’s causing it, isn’t it? Good luck narrowing down the list. Hopefully your allergist will help you figure out how much of which foods are and aren’t concerns for you. (In my case, for instance, I can handle some forms of soy but not others. I still have to watch out for soy flour, but being able to handle soy lecithin makes it so much easier to find foods I can eat.)

      I hope you can make it to a FARE Walk. They actually sponsor dozens of them across the country, so you might not have to travel too far to catch one.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I liked your very eye-catching image, looks just like a mock up of NCC 1701, or whatever it was (yes, I did watch Star Trek many moons ago, too many moons to recall much of it!)

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